As a first generation artist, Lauren was torn between her dual passions of arts and medicine  She joined the military at the age of 19 seeking challenge while life's direction percolated. After a stent in military medicine as a navy corpsman for the Marine Corps, she entered civilian life and dove straight away into the fine arts.

Schooled under the tutelage of internationally famous artist Vahe Berberian, Lauren began her lifelong artistic pursuits.  She entered art school at Columbia College in Chicago. Following art school Lauren earned her RN degree and spent the following 10 years working in her medical passion of critical care and trauma. 

Deeply entrenched in the Chicago fine art scene during the 2000's, she left Chicago for the wild south that is St. Petersburg, FL; a booming arts community. 

Lauren took up creative entrepreneurship while in Florida and started a fair trade jewelry sourcing company and most recently an organic cleaning supply product line with a developing skin care line. 

Her most recent business pursuits include a nurse consultancy company, lending her extensive experience in trauma to attorneys and insurance companies.

Lauren has also been instrumental in building a 501 3c company that brings medical training and financial support to conservation rangers and clinics in the embattled DRC.